Welcome To MAB GROUP

MAB Group was founded in 1982. MAB Group takes pride in being pioneers in the field of fire protection engineering, marine safety, and emerging technologies. For the last 40 years, our mission has been to provide seamless and reliable fire protection and marine safety, emerging technology solutions, and services. Our qualified team of managers and engineers continues to be instrumental in helping our clients establish a safe working environment that ensures fluidity of operations and helps them achieve their business objectives.

We strongly believe in continuous learning and developing new ways of solving problems. We strive for excellence and value for our clients. Whether it’s our value-focused business model or our approach to solving business problems, we always stretch our thinking to bring forth creative and innovative solutions. We value fact-based analysis and combine it with our deep understanding of the market environment and our Exceptional Value problem-solving approach to drive practical insights and results.

We invest incredible value in our people and our clients. We prioritize collaborative and “win-win” client relationships, ultimately driving long-term success for our clients and us. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves with only one primary goal: Exceptional Value and Results for our clients. We are passionate about our work, our clients, and the problems we are trying to solve. We value impact for the greater good, whether achieved through our work or service to our communities.


Marine Safety Services, solutions for the seafaring community with a wide range of life safety equipment, compliance and inspection services.
Fire Safety Services, best in class design and implementation of fire safety solutions for large enterprises.
Emerging Technologies, Uninterruptable power supply solutions for the high performance organization seeking cutting edge strategies for leveraging the right technologies to accomplish key business objectives.

Our Skills %

After Sales Support 90
Technical Support 95
Quality of Services 85
Solutions Designing 75