MAB Fire Protection Services focuses on asking the right questions, exploring all suitable options, and carefully considering the ‘what if’ analysis of existing and future requirements, leading to reliable, safe and technologically-efficient solutions for our clients.

We specialize in the design, installation & commissioning of large enterprise class systems. With the inception of MAB Fire Protection Services we introduced HALON Fire Suppression System for the very first time in Pakistan. In addition, we led the introduction of FM-200 / R-227 and 3M NOVEC123.

Our fire protection engineers are highly trained and experienced in hazard analysis, fire loss investigation and performance-based designs. The team’s practical knowledge of building codes, construction, cost estimation and insurance industry practices benefit our clients in numerous ways throughout the completion of any project.

Our primary fire protection engineering services include:

    • Fire alarm system design
    • Integrated Building Management System and Automation Fire and smoke modeling
    • Fire hazard analysis
    • Fire sprinkler system design
    • Fire testing and research
    • Litigation support
    • Loss investigation
    • Plan review services
    • Smoke management system design and commissioning
    • Special suppression system design
    • Third party testing

We Offer specialize services of monitoring fire protection system 24/7 throughout the year based on ultrasonic monitoring system or Expert experienced , skilled and Technical personnel.

We deals all types of Fire Extinguishers

Such as:

  • CO2
  • DCP
  • AFFF
  • Halotron


We offers Training in Fire & Safety and First Aid, we also provide Maintenance of all type of Fire Alarm Systems by Qualified, experienced and skilled personnel.