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fire safety MAB Fire Protection Services focuses on asking the right questions, exploring all suitable options, and carefully considering the ‘what if’ analysis of existing and future requirements, leading to reliable, safe and technologically-efficient solutions for our clients.
We specialize in the design, installation & commissioning of large enterprise class systems. With the inception of MAB Fire Protection Services we introduced HALON Fire Suppression System for the very first time in Pakistan.

marine safety MAB marine safety services provides the seafaring community with a wide range of life-saving protection and safety equipment and services. Our strategic locations across Asia, are prepared to serve your needs quickly and efficiently. With more than 34 years experience in marine safety, we offer solutions for vessels responding to and complying with maritime regulations regardless of vessel type.
Whether you require new or used life rafts, life jackets, lifebuoys, immersion suits, fire suppression equipment and other life-saving and fire safety appliances and/or approved services for life rafts, immersion suits and fire suppression equipment.

emerging Organizations today understand the relevance and impact of emerging technologies on their businesses. The possibilities are endless and MAB Interface (emerging technologies division) knows that the challenges lie in defining clear and achievable strategies, and leveraging tools and technologies to accomplish key business objectives.

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